This app will let you measure your internet connection speed in a fun way : instead of getting some speed value, you’ll get a nice face explaining what your connection is worth. This is much more simple that any other speed test app ! And results could of course be shared (if you’re proud or want to get some pity).

This app use rage comics.

Download : Speedface-1.3



This is a simple app to get your local IP (the one your phone has been given by your ISP) and your Internet IP (the one visible through Internet).

Most of the time they differ because your ISP doesn’t have enough public IP (Internet routable IP) so they give you unroutable IP and use NAT (Network Address Translation) to hide your phone behind a routable Internet IP address.

This app also gives you the host name associated with your internet IP (reverse lookup).

Download : MyIP-1.4

The app is using http://ip.dedikewl.fr/ to get Internet IP.

Game Server Manager

Game Server Manager let you check the status of your favorite Call of Duty, CS GO, CS Source and Team Fortress 2 servers.

You will be able to see for each server their name, ping, player count, max player, currently playing map and the player list.

If you have the RCON of the server, you can also entirely manage the server : change map, change gametype, kick player, temporary ban player, permanently ban player, unban player, etc.

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