This blog regroup my Android apps. I will not publish them anymore on Google Play store or even Amazon app store because I’m tired trying to justify anything to get them approved and published :

  • you can’t publish an app using background location (which is a nice feature for my Zabbix agent) without explaining why you need that feature on the Play store. I’ve tried explaining why I needed that feature, my app was still not approuved so I created 2 versions, one specifically for the play store without background location. Keeping two versions up to date is a pain in the butt… I don’t really understand why google is so crappy about this, users have to accept location requests for when the app is running. And then if the user need background location access it has to go to the app setting to allow this. User can’t accept background location access without knowing so stop being a bitch to developers Google !
  • Amazon app store now refuses to upload any new version of my “Unofficial Zabbix Agent” because the names contains “Zabbix”. What should I name my app ?! Isn’t it clear that’s not an official Zabbix app ?
  • When you use a foreground service in an app (which I use because a lot of my apps are network listening related), you need to create a video explaining why you need that foreground service. Nowhere you are clearly explained what to put in this video and you can’t write any text explaining it either so I’ve no idea what I should put in theses videos and the last time I created a video for the Play store was for location access which didn’t work and my app was still blocked. So this time I can’t remove foreground service like location access so I give up, I don’t publish my app anymore on the Play store neither on the Amazon app store.