Google Reader alternative : use a free Tiny Tiny RSS provider !

As Google is shutting down Google Reader, I’ve looked for an alternative of this great RSS reader.

I had only 2 criteria :

  • free
  • can be accessed from a desktop browser and from my android phone/tablet

I’ve checked some well known “clone” of Google Reader (Feedly for example) but I didn’t like the experience and it was not that close to Google Reader.

But I finally found Tiny Tiny RSS ! It’s a perfect match of Google Reader, you can access it with your browser, it has a very clear and simple interface just like GR. And it has an Android app !


The only “downside” is that it’s a web app you need to host yourself. That’s why it may not be too well known, not everybody can host that kind of app. But here’s the good news, there’s a free Tiny Tiny RSS provider here ! You just need to create an account, it’s free and you will instantly receive your password and be able to access your own TT-RSS account and add your feeds.

And then to be able to access your feeds with your android device, it’s a two step process:

  • enable API access on your account. The mobile app need that access to work.
  • download/install/configure the tt-rss app on your android device.

To enable API access: login into tt-rss, go to your preferences (“action -> preferences”, top right corner).


Then “Enable API access” and save.


First step done !

Second step, download the tt-rss android app : Tiny-Tiny-RSS-1.7. Enter your login/password and your done ! Your feeds are synchronized on your Android device, just like the good old Google Reader days !



Game Server Manager

Game Server Manager let you check the status of your favorite Call of Duty, CS GO, CS Source and Team Fortress 2 servers.

You will be able to see for each server their name, ping, player count, max player, currently playing map and the player list.

If you have the RCON of the server, you can also entirely manage the server : change map, change gametype, kick player, temporary ban player, permanently ban player, unban player, etc.

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