Google Reader alternative : use a free Tiny Tiny RSS provider !

As Google is shutting down Google Reader, I’ve looked for an alternative of this great RSS reader.

I had only 2 criteria :

  • free
  • can be accessed from a desktop browser and from my android phone/tablet

I’ve checked some well known “clone” of Google Reader (Feedly for example) but I didn’t like the experience and it was not that close to Google Reader.

But I finally found Tiny Tiny RSS ! It’s a perfect match of Google Reader, you can access it with your browser, it has a very clear and simple interface just like GR. And it has an Android app !


The only “downside” is that it’s a web app you need to host yourself. That’s why it may not be too well known, not everybody can host that kind of app. But here’s the good news, there’s a free Tiny Tiny RSS provider here ! You just need to create an account, it’s free and you will instantly receive your password and be able to access your own TT-RSS account and add your feeds.

And then to be able to access your feeds with your android device, it’s a two step process:

  • enable API access on your account. The mobile app need that access to work.
  • download/install/configure the tt-rss app on your android device.

To enable API access: login into tt-rss, go to your preferences (“action -> preferences”, top right corner).


Then “Enable API access” and save.


First step done !

Second step, download the tt-rss android app : Tiny-Tiny-RSS-1.7. Enter your login/password and your done ! Your feeds are synchronized on your Android device, just like the good old Google Reader days !